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Fruit Delivery Information

If you are unsure of the delivery location or fruit and roses availability, please give us a call:

- Australian Callers: 1300 767 376
- International Callers: +61 2 8415 9206

Call Centre Opening Hours

- Mon-Fri: from 7:00am to 6:00pm
- Saturdays: from 8:00am to 2:00pm
- Sundays: from 8:00am to 2:00pm

General Delivery Information
A. Can I select a time for my fruit delivery?

You can select the latest time you would like the delivery to arrive. If you select 'by 7.00pm', your order will arrive anytime up to (before) 7.00pm on the day of delivery.

Available delivery times depend on the time you place your order and how far away the location is from our dispatch.

During Special Events, such as Mother's Day, Christmas or Valentine's Day, fruit delivery times are only set to 'by 5.00pm' for business addresses and 'by 7.00pm' for residential addresses. 

B. How much is fruit delivery?

Delivery charges start from $16.95. Charges are based on the time of ordering, the delivery location and what you choose as the delivery time.

To check how much is your delivery, please go through the Checkout once you have selected a product.
Step 1 - Enter your Delivery Suburb
Step 2 - Enter your Delivery Date
Step 3 - Select your Delivery Time option (deliveries can be made anytime up to or before selected time).

Your fruit Delivery Charges will be calculated and displayed in your order total.

C. How do I know my fruit have been delivered?

To check, give us a call the next day.

Australian Callers: 1300 767 376.

International Callers: +61 2 8415 9206

D. What happens if I supply the wrong address?

Please be very careful in providing us with correct and up to date address information.

If you provide us with an incorrect address and we deliver your order as per your instructions, then we accept no responsibility for the mistake.

If we are unable to deliver to an incorrect address and the order is returned to our dispatch, we can redeliver, but at a charge of 50% of the original order cost plus the additional delivery charge.

E. Are you sending fruit on the weekend?

We deliver our fruit on Saturdays. Deliveries are by 5.00pm or by 7.00pm and deliveries are not available for all locations. For more flexible deliveries, please select a weekday.

We currently deliver on Sundays in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney areas. We're working on Sunday deliveries everywhere!

F. Public Holiday Deliveries

Fruit Only is unable to deliver to certain locations during Public Holidays. Please be advised that delivery restrictions vary between States. To check if a delivery is possible give us a call.

Australian Callers: 1300 767 376.

International Callers: +61 2 8415 9206.

G. Delivering Your fruit Order

At Fruit Only, we are aware that every fruit delivery is unique. To help us send your fruit gift smoothly, during the checkout process you’re required to select an ‘Address Type’ and then further delivery requirements.

I. Sending fruit to a Business Address, ea. fruit delivery Sydney CBD?

You need to tell us whether we should:

Deliver to Reception.
Drop to Delivery Dock.
Please check that the recipient will be available on the day up until your selected delivery time.

Fruit Only is not responsible for orders not collected by the recipient on the delivery day from either the Mail Room or Reception areas of the business.

II. Sending fruit to a Residential Address?

You’ll need to tell us whether we should

Leave the order by the front door of the house.
Leave the order by the back door of the house.
Leave order at foyer/reception of security building or apartment block.
Please note, if the courier does not deem it safe to leave the order, it will be returned to dispatch.

A courier may deem a delivery location unsafe if

There is no sheltered area to leave the goods away from street or public view
There is no access to the building, unit/apartment or no suitable place to leave the delivery.

III. Sending fruit to a School Address?

You’ll need to tell us whether we should

Deliver to Reception/Administration Office
To resend, there will be a refreshment and redelivery fee will apply.

It is required that you select a delivery time of by 3.00pm or earlier for school deliveries. Please consider when school holidays are on when placing your order.

Upcoming Special Event Deliveries – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas

Christmas Deliveries: 10-24 December 2022
Valentine's Day: 14 February 2022
Mother’s Day- Sunday 15th May 2022

All orders placed during special event periods are final and Fruit Only will not accept any changes, amendments or cancellations to orders.

Delivery terms and conditions are subject to change during special event periods.

Please Note: Deliveries to School Addresses during special events such as Valentine's Day, Christmas or Mother's Day may be restricted.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives to answer any further queries or concerns you may have.

Call within Australia: 1300 767 376

Call from Overseas: +61 2 8415 9206

Click to call 1300 378 486